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Lynn Peters
Just picked up a pound of worms to restock my 360 plus some castings for the garden. Had a nice talk and tour with the owner, neat operation :)
Anna Frato
We bought the soil with worm castings from Bill last year and couldn't be happier. We planted lots of vegetables from seeds and have been harvesting radishes, lettuce, spinach, arugula, chard and more for the last several weeks. Everything is growing beyond our expectations. We definitely recommend this product to anyone who want a productive garden.
Barbara Mardon-Furr
After my first pound of worms (purchased in September from a seller in Arizona but shipped from California) failed to thrive I checked out the recommended worm sellers on the Red Worm Composting FB page. Yes, I know now I should have done that first but I was over anxious and wanted to get started. I read all the reviews and went to each website linked to the vendor. I was impressed by all of the vendors but chose Lakeshore Vermicomposting because of the apparent passion for vermicomposting and obvious desire to put forth a great product. My initial email was responded to quickly and all of my questions were patiently and completely answered. As a novice I really feel that Bill cared as much about me being successful with his worms as I wanted to be. No pressure to buy anything. I was given several choices of what was available and he clearly stated what to expect. My worms arrived in Priority Mail today, New Year's Eve right before cold weather grips the nation east of Arizona. The worms have happily taken over the Worm Factory and burrowed into their bed. From the open communication to ordering, coordination of shipping, to the packaging and ultimately the quality of the worms this outfit has surpassed my expectations. I also feel that I have a new vermicomposting friend and that too is important to me.
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