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Please read this prior to ordering

Thank you

Thank you for your interest in my soil. I work very hard to make a quality soil product that will give you a healthy plant from seed to harvest. Hundreds of growers have had success with my soil and a few have had challenges. The common denominator for the people with challenges seems to be that they all ph'd their water to 6.2 to 6.3. This gave them some leaf discoloration and some nutrient uptake issues. I appears that 6.7 to 6.8 is a good range for this soil. I have also made some minor adjustments to the recipe to help in this area. With the help of knowledgeable growers sharing their successes and challenges I think we have gotten this soil fine tuned. All I ask is that if you have issues is that you message me for help and not go out bashing me and trying to run my name down. This soil was designed as a healthy living soil because I saw so many beginners struggling and being told they need to buy a dozen different nutrient lines just to grow. The more experience you are, you may give additional feedings as you feel a need to. My only word of advise it to go slow, a little at a time. Once you give anything other than water then you are on your own if it damages your plant. We compress 5 gallons of soil into a large flat rate box for shipping. I try to ship all order the next business day after the order is received. Please make sure your address in your PayPal account is correct before ordering. PayPal is used for my checkout but after you enter the quantity that you wish to order and click to check out with PayPal you can choose to pay with a credit card on the next page. Thanks and happy growing.

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