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Here at Lakeshore Vermicomposting LLC we are worm farmers. We raise beef cattle, poultry, a pony and lots of worms. We compost our manure and garden waste as well as leaves wood chips and grass clippings to make compost that is rich in microbial life and fungal mycorrhizae. This compost is screened and fed to the worms to produce some of the best worm castings that you will ever see. Unfortunately, many others producing castings on a commercial level are more like worm casting factories. They strip rich black peat topsoil or peat moss and truck it in. They put worms in it for 10 to 14 days and call it castings. Get to know your worm farmer and their processes. Encourage sustainable worm farming practices. We appreciate your business.

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         Our biggest belief is that family is the most important part of our lives. We love doing things together and involving the grandkids in everything that we do here on the farm.
         Here at Lakeshore Vermicomposting LLC we believe in caring for all of our animals including the worms in the best way that we possibly can.
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